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Tac 11/17/2002

Roland XV-3080 : Tac's user review


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The expander rack is double, produce impressive faade. From memory I 7banques of about 128 sounds, finally sounds it's not what's missing, there is something for everyone, classic rock jazz Funck hard techno etc ... 64effets diffrent in addition to base effects. distortion, flanger, compression, multiple 3D effects etc. .... sounds are ditables, but it's not Roland who has been the effort .. "" "Xv edit it with pro" ""
Correction 17/11/02: roland makes available a free editor
We can put four cards of the series and 2 card SRJV new generation of Roland SRX.
Each sound can be done with 8 samples is What Makes the polyphony is 128 voices


The XV3080 is easy to use, it can mmoriser prfrs its sounds, the only inconvniant is that it does not show the tracks jous when sending notes via MIDI , so when you send notes on the guitar track for example, and many o you need to know is the guitar in the XV, but from everything else is very well done.


The sounds are trsralistes my prfrs: the sounds of acoustic guitar allucinant, when I make a cd cost friends, they do not believe that it is made with synthetic .
At the touch sound can be trs diffrent according VLOC (diffrent sample in the same sound), Roland has hit certain sound in 4 DIFFERENT sounds according to the jou force. eg a snare drum sounds can possder 4 DIFFERENT according VLOC ralistes and even more than the sounds of the JV SERIES. I myself even a dj JV80 who had struck and with the XV3080 is trs complmentaires sries in all sounds.
Question effects there is nothing to say except that we can used one of 64 effects a time, plus a reverb and chorus standart, but I do not believe that To date there are multiple simultaneous effect expander may be ending for ....
I work a lot with the acoustic and I'm not at all deu.


I have this module from The beginning of 2002, there is sound I do not like, but it's only a matter of musical taste, especially I do not use techno sounds, instrument or copper are also well done and Varis trs.
I went around to the competitors, but in relation qualitprix is ​​what suited me most. I can find additional modules tehno too, or at least not enough acoustic, or modules interresting but 2 times the price of XV.
A costs absolutely on this synth: Accoustics guitars and electrics! thundering
Trs I am happy with my purchase, but do not hsits before you buy, ask the seller a headphone and stay four or five o'clock in the store (that's what I did! !)