Waldorf MicroWave XT Rack
Waldorf MicroWave XT Rack

MicroWave XT Rack, Digital Synth Rack/Sound Module from Waldorf in the MicroWave series.

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nikko666 06/23/2005

Waldorf MicroWave XT Rack : nikko666's user review


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Apart polyphony, the synth has everything that you ask a synth today. It concurence Access directly, or keyboard while being used largely undervalued.

Very accomplished level modulation options, sequences, multi, program, midi ... the latest OS is really great because it adds a lot of waveforms. The possibilities are endless because you just download the midi sequences, the waveforms.

There is a édteur free, and tons of sound banks on the Net. I put 9 because I would have liked more poly.


Relatively simple editing is classic, but to access extended features such as changing Aucxis waveforms, use a soft.
The manual is well done is clear enough, available in PDF on the NET.


I must say that this synth is the best there is ground for the effects of progressive shifting, strange and sequences.
It is not limited in this style because with all the filters that you can imagine, including the famous Waldorf PPG single one can be ready to emulate all that is done including electric piano.

The warmth and roundness are not as obvious as a JP-8080 or a supernova, but the sound is much more special and truly unique.


I am a very severe critic of Waldorf Q. I think the XT is much more successful than the Q. He's a really inspiring. As soon as we were playing with ideas for songs immediatly and factory presets are very successful.

A must-have synth in its config.