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Dams 10/30/2002

Yamaha CS6R : Dams's user review


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2U rackmount expander

A main stereo output + 2 mono assignable
2 input mono line-level (including a switchable micro-level)
A breath controller input
1 headphone
1 taken ToHost
2 slots for plugins Yamaha

volume knob hand
knob gain between
5 assignable knobs (MIDI controller)

SmartMedia of 3.3 V (accepts all the capabilities of my knowledge)

Digital subtraction a sample playback (AWM2)
64 voice polyphony (expandable, see below), 16 multitimbral (expandable, see below)
Routes: 256 presets (2 banks)
256 user (an internal bank, an external bank (SmartMedia)
Drums kits: 8 presets
4 user (two internal, two external)
Performance: 128 user internal, 64 external user
Phrase Clips (sampling INTEGRATED short extracts in 44.1 kHz, 1 - MONO-bit): 4 MB internal (volatile and non-expandable), limited to 4 kits and up to 256 clips. All kits and clips are saved on SmartMedia and rechargeable during operation

Master Reverb (12), Chorus / Delay (23)
Inserts: 92
A 5-band EQ on main output

Arpeggiator: 128 presets
Sequencer: reading mifiles charges on the Smartmedia format 0. play-list management
The expander operates in several different ways including the following major:

Voice: creation and play a sound (Voice). The synthesis used is very powerful, can not go into detail here. Include at least 400 waveforms in ROM, the dozen types of filters, the channel equalizer (EQ different from the master), envelopes crossover with sensitivity to the length of segments to velocity, the matrix modulation.
wall effects are Reverb / Chorus Master and two inserts (routed in series or parallel).

Performance mode: the mode multitimbral synthesizer. Performance to manage the 16 channel multitimbral "classic" brought by the synthesis AWM2 (Assigning a Voice channel with velocity range and adjustable notes, etc.) and audio input (you can and speak into a microphone and use direct effects on the voice), the Phrase Clip Plugins and Yamaha.
Yamaha Recall that the plugins are expansion cards that integrate a compatible synthe a new type of synthesis and / or possibilities. Plugins aactuels can add a module AN (a quasi AN1x), a DX7 module, a module V, a harmonizer, the drums, kits). A plugin extends so polyphony / timbralite of the machine and has its own insert effects.
Performance has its own adjustable Master effects (Reverb / Chorus), and one can use only part of the inserts.

Phrase Clip Mode allows you to play and edit clips. Each clip is assigned to a button with its filter setting, volume envelope, etc ...

Sequencer Mode: mifile a game or a play-list charges from the Smart Media card


Each mode of the synth is easily accessible by a touch
Navigation between the pages of a different mode is done by means of endless rotary knob (page and data), and on one page, each parameter can be modified by one of the knobs. A shift button to select a parameter without changing it or go directly to the desired page. It is therefore relatively easy to navigate. The display is of good quality and clearly legible.
Editing sounds is relatively easy given the complexity of the synthesis
The applicatiosn come with the synth interface allow graphqiue edition via PC or Mac.

The manual is a bit too crude for my taste, and the French translation leaves something to be desired .. Better to read the English version if you can, but it remains on its end for use fine. But just for a quick start.


This expander is absolutely great for that i has no need for ultra realistic sound. While it has many instrument sounds "classic", but except for the sounds of types "brass", it's not his favorite. If you want patches of madness, the strange effects than the other, leads the super-strong, short, if you will frankly electronic sounds (dance, trance, techno, etc.), then go for it, the machine is ultra powerful!
The built-in effects are well made, and some are even unorthodox and give striking results!
Regarding expressiveness, the synthesis engine responds to velocity, aftertouch has, in breath control and has the "Quick Edit" from Yamaha.
Explanation (as it may confuse some at first): Once his edict and ends, you have the opportunity to globally change some settings in your sound (and act on all layers simultaneously), and this, in a relatively values ​​chosen in the edition.
Example: You find that your sound is too NRTEE, you use the "cutoff" of the Quick Edit: cutoff frequencies of all the layers will be modified to increase ... This feature is present directly on the CS6x with the buttons on the front, but is a little be more difficult to access on the CS6R, since we go through controllers.
For my part, I use a master keyboard AN1X as it is very easy to turn the pair into a quasi CS6R/AN1X CS6x! One can set cutoff, resonance, reverb and chorus levels, and the envelope volume knob a shot.
on the other hand, there is no such CS6x on the concept of "Scene": This is a snapshot of the parameters of the Quick Edit, with the possibility of a "morphing" from one snapshot to the other . But this is not so restrictive that, with a good MIDI sequencer!


I use this synth for over a year without genuine regret. Its functionality is exceptional at this price level. We can create complete songs with this one machine, samples included, and replay them on stage with the proper midifle samples and charges on a SmartMedia card, listen to demo tracks to give you an idea! You can also add the types of synthesis and thereby providing a scalable, lower cost machine ... This was the perfect machine for me who had already tasted CS1X has the time, and I do not regret my choice, even if I do not use all the features (and by far!)

Here are a few small black dots in bulk:
1) Why did you limit the sampling in mono, and have no plans to extend the internal memory sampler!?
2) the manual is sometimes very evasive on certain issues
3) why not have foreseen a programmable arpeggiator!?
4) at the rear of the rack, there is a trap designed for a file extension (like FireWire or USB, or additional outlets), and we see nothing coming from Yamaha ...
5) No recent update of the OS