Korg micro X
Korg micro X

micro X, Digital Synth from Korg in the micro series.

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Modulator18 12/14/2013

Korg micro X : Modulator18's user review

«  Sounds good »

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Small ultraportable Korg synth. For features: everything is explained in previous posts.
The sound engine is very powerful, the Korg sound quality is there. No discounts on the sounds and effects. Many samples (maybe too much?) As a patch set, you must have time to be, no prog on the fly as some other bikes!
on the other hand, sample banks level everyone is benefiting.
The effects are stunning: good reverb, chorus nice .... All this allows you to enjoy your sound and gives the atmosphere Wanted (cold, hot, aggressive .... everything is possible).
The soft, never used, I program while hard, then no opinion, I would say a co ... laugh!


I use the keyboard to program 2 octaves, or to relax. The keyboard is very honorable, on the other hand for the serious game, I midi driver with a master keyboard 5 octaves.
Configuration, as with any synth, an adjustment period is necessary. The manual is well done, and for those familiar with korg, it makes her.
The edition is highly developed, the arpeggio is programmable and this leaves anything to get what you want.
Some find the small screen and messy, me, this did not bother me in the condition or you are sitting comfortably in front. If it sticks in bright light, it is difficult to read.
Many parameter page, but with a logical navigation, so nothing major.


For sounds, I was not disappointed. it's korg!
For acoustic sounds, pianos are usable, but it's still a synth, so do not expect to hear the hammers strike the strings ....
otherwise, very good bass, beautiful tablecloths, string synth, sfx .... You can find everything in the origins banks but on returning to the engine to make your own sounds, then you fall on your ass!
It all together in combi mode, and then you end up with a synthetic orchestration that will take the scale thanks to the bank effects.
Only downside, I think for filters, korg did much better in the past, they are not up to the machine, but this is only my opinion. It is clear that this does not have a MS20 either ..!


This machine is very good, I kept it a year and then sold.
I loved this synth, the problem is to have a personal sound, navigating without ending up in the sample bank (several hundred, same for sounds perceived ...). We must quickly learn how to manage its banks, if you get lost in a forest of sounds (683 if I recall correctly).
If one day I have the opportunity, I buy it back one, because the sound is excellent, it is Korg What!