Korg micro X
Korg micro X

micro X, Digital Synth from Korg in the micro series.

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fredewi 08/05/2007

Korg micro X : fredewi's user review


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Audience: Beginners
All adj t trs well Describes prcdemment ;-)

Well, simply, a two octave keyboard is more for the DJ and for musicos :-)) It dpanne when even a little if you're really stuck ...
In addition, given the wealth of programming of the machine, ie, assignments of sounds, filters etc.. Briefly, for short opportunities SPLIT, it is better to use a keyboard at least 5 octaves for CONTRL. For the small gter is discovering that we have put together the ingnieurs Korg. Amazing for a product that CATEGORY "entry level"
So for a 10/10 CHARACTERISTICS given the price (bought in stores Lyon 499)


Another Korg BRAVO:

A real paper doc Frans de 128 pages! It's been awhile since I had not seen a. And more faultless in good ;-) franais clear ... This is not the translation of which requires you will quickly immerse ourselves in the original ;-)

I can not find the guts gnial (small and difficult to read in some cases) and therefore quite unsuitable publisher and tampering bowels of the bte but fortunately, Korg offers us an excellent soft Editing: Pro Trs, enjoyable and easy to use interface that works in stand-alone and VST ...

Really for a machine of this price, I pat the quality of packaging.
Installation is no pb. I have not used the CD that came with because I Tlcharger version of the USB driver and the latest issue editor on the Korg website (very well done too , shall decide lies!) And no pb to be installed without using the cd menus. We must even when instructions are followed the doc:
Installing the USB Driver first and foremost and then during the first connection of MicroX, windows recognizes it and installs it (surprisingly!) Driver with him. So it is sufficient to start the driver as explained Korg and things return to normal.
To the editor, on the RAS installation.

Then, there's more that bone up the doc if you want to have fun crushing and frankly, there's plenty to do. Pdagogique a good approach for beginners (or old like me who call them APRS 20 years!)

So, too, and the once again given the price, I put a 10/10


Sounds, well ... Obviously the the gots and colors.

I share the opinion compltement Previous (for all ;-)

I t beginners to some of the sounds including "ralistes". Frankly, my old Yamaha PSR 1000 that has over 7 years, have much better sound in some of these registers.
But actually, I do not think this is the "target" search by Korg. The sounds are more "electronic" that caractrisent and l. .. Yum! it's heavy!

It sounds perfect for
- Of the electro Jean-Michel Jarre (whether Korg sampler of not after oxygne ;-)
- Techno and other styles associated ...
- World music (h yes!) Ethnics sounds are excellent you could almost be taken for budding Deep Forest ...

In short, a modern music it sounds very typical and trs is clearly a target for Korg: The djeun'ss frica not wanting to pay a first keyboard (then with a little luck They will Fidler Korg)
Finally, it's like I was perois positioning marketing because they really have the package including the "superb" (psychic!) Case orange (DDE!) Tight deadlines that a sacr e good IDE that could inspire the concurrency ...

So for sound, I'll settle for a 8 / 10 which is dj trs well to the extent that even if on paper Korg announces over a thousand sounds, they are still same typs trs (but excellent in their style)


I do not use it for a long time and went through several phases:
- The excitement of buying before the cost of some well-crafted DMOS by Korg! ;-)
- The Premire dception during hours of operation vis vis the sounds "ralistes"
- A standard intrt renewed as and when reading the doc and Discoveries of the possibilities of the craft.
- The satisfaction of my purchase (phew!) Now that I did the interview in perspective and everything that I could draw ;-)

The particular feature I like least (besides the keyboard a bit short!) Is that hot!
This is especially impressive to the area of ​​power. The small PSU also very hot. J'espre that will not pose a pb of reliability over time.

The report possbilitprix is ​​excellent. For quality and reliability is still a little tt. It is certain trs plastoc knob and a bit limited ... Not for Brutos :-)

In short, you'll understand ... rerefrais I did!