Korg micro X
Korg micro X

micro X, Digital Synth from Korg in the micro series.

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l'electron libre 04/23/2007

Korg micro X : l'electron libre's user review


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Systm Synthse of HI (Hyper Integrated)
Dynamic keyboard 25 ratings
62 note polyphony
PCM memory 64 Mbytes of ROM, 642 multi-samples + 929 drum samples
640 programs
384 Combinations
40 drum kits
128 memory Multi-sets
2 matres effects (between Mono and Stereo output) 1 insert effect (between Mono and Stereo output) and a global legalization (Stereo 3-band ) effects used simultanment
89 types of effects
Arpgiateur two polyphonic patterns arpges 251
Controller: Joystick, 4 assignable knobs, Audition, Category, Octave Up / Down
CONTRL of: PDAL keeping with the recognition of the half-pedals, assignable pedals (switch, pedals)
Main Output = L / MONO, R, Individual = 1.2, Headphones
USB connector type B
LCD display with 240 x 64 pixels
Dimensions: 606 (W) x 226 (D) x 80 (H) (mm)
Net Weight: 2.4 Kg
Included accessories: AC adapter, CD ROM (Editor X-50, editor and plug-in USB-MIDI driver)


Gnrale the config is very simple ... The edition is sounds a bit barbaric if it is done directly on the keyboard ... Korg but thought that task easier with the publisher computer ... and changes everything! (well, the pdf that accompanies it is in English ... shame ...) Everything is seen and available in a few windows ... Increasingly, the editor works as well as in Stand alone vst ...
The manual is clear ... with respect to the keyboard ... editor for the info, read the pdf file that Integrates automatically when you install the soft ...
Ah yes ... I met some problem when installing the software edition: the hardware store would not load on startup of the instrument vst ... in fact, it comes from the cd that came with ... the problem is simple rsoudre: 1 go to the website of Korg ... On page 2 on MicroX ... 3 Go the download page ... and 4, the editor Tlcharger MicroX ... (The version included on the CD ... is the X50 which uses the same software edition ... but that does not work properly with the MicroX ...)...
Well, anyway ... rsolu small problem quickly ... thank you internet, thank you Korg! (But put the right driver on the cd ... t have a better right?)


L. .. we get the "big" part ... sounds ...
I was looking for a "mobile solution" (keyboard + phone) to dial ... elsewhere ... without taking my studio ... but a small synth that allows me to deal with analog sounds quickly and easily ...

So ... basically, this little keyboard there is a sort of best of the brand keyboards DIFFERENT ... a whole range of sounds ranging from trs DIFFERENT ethnic percussion of Karma, to the sound of analog MS2000 (MicroKorg too ... so ...) to sound more "classic" from the Korg Triton. ..

So ... in dtail ...

The good: the Ep, organs, bass, layers, effects, leads, drumkits ... mmm ... sounds like "analog" are basically all good ... bluff or some (ingnieurs home Korg have good boss on the "heat" of all, he must admit !)... a lot of depth in the lower ...
(I compared with the much more ... microKORG prsence the micro x)
and then there are a few surprises ... genre, a harp plutt nice ... a small trumpet or mute the jazz guitar ...
Specially referred to the organ (we believe it almost!) And analog bass!

Worst (but even good when): The pianos (except one or two, a cut above the rest), guitars, strings (except the "Solo" and the solo quartet of good quality) and brass (except the little mute trumpet pretty well) ... but at the same time, the "ism" is not the purpose of this keyboard ...

The good rev ... CONTRL is all in real time (CONTRL ditables in cubase like any vst instrument) ... that add the personal touch ... or make an instrument more crdible ... and I'm not talking about the modulation seems to me that many addresses on this little keyboard ... and allows a direct CONTRL on all instruments vst (arpgiateur, modulation ...)...
Little apart on the "combi" ... trs works ... I think the DJs will find a intrt certain ... between the "double arpgiateur" rhythmic loops and the rest ...
For others, the vst instrument can be programmed quite a bit of 16 channels ... each program can be recorded on the keyboard from the computer ... and vice versa ...
Well, anyway ... he will spend time before you went around ...


First of all ... know that the MicroX is sold in a flight case ... orange ... is better than cardboard ... trs practice but not discreet!
It's been 6 months I acquired this little device that makes me a lot of services ... this keyboard is a config for both home studio for the live ... the possibilities are enormous (if not infinite ...) in terms of audio programming ...
Most of this little Korg is that it can serve as CONTRL keyboard sound bank ... midi or audio ... trs versatile in short ...
Be careful though ... if this keyboard gives an ACCS quality sound bank and, more importantly, well-stocked ... squenceur any sampler or the horizon ... So ... work with the computer needed ... but hey, what the price you can not have everything!
I think for now, this small keyboard does not really conccurents ... it is small, simple to use, lightweight ... trslger ... more lightweight than my laptop which PSE 7 2 kilo ... Controller serves noon ... but also includes over 1100 factory sounds ...
Pay 575 euros ... I think the ratio quality price is more than excellent ...
The only "snag" the table ... plastic (lgret advantage over ... for live) ... this keyboard is the same bill as PADKONTROL ... same white plastic ... same silver plastic on the sides ... same depth as ... (Although one was on the other ct!: D)
It remains to see if he will turn not to yellow over the years ...
Apart a. .. I do it again this choice without hsiter ... it is a good product for trs trs not expensive! ;)
Voil ... enjoy ...