Korg microStation
Korg microStation

microStation, Digital Synth from Korg in the micro series.

mrjason 10/31/2012

Korg microStation : mrjason's user review

« great for gigging »

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The Korg Microstation Micro has a built in sequencer on it. That was a huge deal with me because most of the similar models that I have used in the past did not have a sequencer on it. So I was very curious has to how good the sequencer actually was on the Korg Microstation. The Korg Microstation is very affordable, it is a 61 key synth that has full MIDI capabilities and 480 professional sounding presets that are ready to go. This keyboard is small and compact, making it perfect for the gigging musician or someone who travels a lot from studio to studio like I do. It does come with a manual that will give you all of the basics of using the keyboard and break down the 16 track sequencer to you.


The Korg Microstation has 512 programs and 480 are preloaded. There are 48 drum kits and most of them are pretty good even though I don’t use drum kits from key boards I still found myself using a few of these kits.


Setting up the Korg Microstation was quick and simple, there was nothing to it. Just turn it on and starting going through your sounds. There are 5 insert effects and 2 master effects. With a total of 134 effect types you will never run out of effects on the Korg Microstation.


The sequencer has 16 MIDI tracks and 1 master track. There are 128 songs on the Korg Microstation with an on board BPM. The interface is very easy to understand and going through your sounds are easy. There are not a bunch of different menu’s to shift or scroll through to find what you want making it a perfect board for performing with. I fell in love with the Korg Microstation the first time I tried it out.