Quasimidi Raven Max
Quasimidi Raven Max

Raven Max, Digital Synth from Quasimidi.

JimboSpins 12/09/2012

Quasimidi Raven Max : JimboSpins's user review

« Nice but not for me »

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The Quasimidi Raven was made in Germany and it is geared more for the live musician. It is heavily dance influenced with its sound set. This is a 3 osc synth with 24 voices polyphony keyboard that is well made and travel friendly. The interface of this synth is very simple and user friendly. You can figure out the flow of this keyboard within the first 10 minutes of using it and you won’t have an issue from there on. It does come with a manual and the manual is available in English, French, and German. You can arp sounds with this synth and there is one filter section. The filter section is decent but there is nothing about it that makes me want to use it a lot.


Editing your sounds with this synth is not easy, but it is not hard either. I just feel like it is time consuming trying to get everything to sound the way you want it to sound. With the price that this board cost, it really is not worth the purchase unless you are a dance producer or live musician. Otherwise you will be stuck with a set of dance sounds that will be difficult to edit (time consuming) and the effects section will not do you any justice.


The sounds are for dance music and maybe some trance if you get into the filter section. There are a lot of sounds that just were not usable for my current set up and direction that I am taking my music. I used the Quasimidi Raven for 4 months before retiring from it.


You can do some cool stuff with this keyboard if you take the time to fully understand how to get the sound out of it that you want. It will be time consuming, but if you are a dance musician or producer it will be worth the purchase. There is no doubt this is a great synth, it just was not for me.