Quasimidi Raven Max
Quasimidi Raven Max

Raven Max, Digital Synth from Quasimidi.


Quasimidi Raven Max : Anonymous 's user review


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Something practical and person (manufacturer) has resumed my knowledge, is the transposition of sequences / patterns from a part of the keyboard (2nd octave)
like the mute available live on the keyboard (1 octave)
the remainder splitable has his own way


A config a bit special but easily affordable with a little time and practice
editing of sounds is just a little taste has Maon filters are a bit tight


The sound here is another of the highlights of the machine, there are a lot of stuff in it to make electronic music, normally it was designed for this purpose.
a wide range of sounds.
patterns even seem to have been developed with the help of great gentlemen like KRAFTWERK / KLAUS SCHULZE listen you'll find it full of themes ..


Me too <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>I sought him, I dreamed I found</span>

has its output but my financial means of the time did allow myself to buy it, and finally bought 5 years ago with the card MAX indispensable to me.

I'm not ready to sell it (some sounds are so unique)

<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>Quasimidi to stay home, cyber 6 is also very interesting but it's just a master keyboard but what MASTER</span>