oldvanjar 10/19/2006

Roland U-20 : oldvanjar's user review


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TOC connectivity There's nothing to say whatever it takes. the number of his? not the slightest ide, but not difficult munuel c koi ke, I have another synth for which I had the manual much later and I could draw better I could know the resultat.et number of sounds.


I have no manual so I can not judge, but then what's to travaiiler a gallery. we lost in the menu and sub menu, I also have a qs 300 which must be a bit older: it is much easier to find the parameters and even to modify the QS300 than the 20 u .
Two effects. but quite complicated to resolve.
and transposes the setting of a horror.


It's the only thing that saves u 20; sound samples as I understand it. who loves me tweak the top of the c not the way in which the menu are prepared.
some merit to be able to have a panel of greater effect in order to grind a little more. correct answer to the swift.


I have the synth for a month and I feel I have already managed to go around. without any doubt that this is a synth that offers sound quality but there is not indispensable to my senses to extract the marrow.
if I were to compare a MS2000 or NOVA I would say it's pretty bland, with little more possibilite.de, mine had problems with rubber-contact I managed to bring in gently clean the contact surface. it is a disease in the family u 20
I ahet because I know who had a relationship and was happy. I think I'll part with it for the benefit of a JD 800 if I find one.