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pico 03/11/2005

Roland V-Synth : pico's user review


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Well I just made the purchase of the V-Synth Roland EXCLUSIVELY for tablecloths, sound fx, leads, and with good atmosphere and I must say it is good trs in these areas and really trs cratif, having once had a Korg Wavestation for the same reason, it is much more powerful and user-friendly, in addition to ergonomics is a top from the Nord Lead 3, I do not know any more synth ergonomic (for those with dj a little exprience in programming).
I also bought this synth to replace the VP-9000 before I sold down too much.


Very easy and friendly> it took me hours to understand all functions global, and although I am against by dcu on multitimbral mode which is really bad for a machine of this price? seen as the quality of the sounds of the possibility of import wave files I do not understand why he did not like on anywhere from one level of the synth mode mutlitimbral really work?
As for the sound is good in its Global trs by default against the other small quailt filters tvf I find it excellent on some sounds, but I trust the updates to the bone because I have version 1.1 and the site has ddi bte there is a version 1.5, so a j'espre amlioration in these areas because it would make this synth the best in its class (no concurrency for the price 2400 euros)
The strongest point is its touch screen is trs trs effective, I use only the buttons so it is user-friendly ergonomics.

(Rectification of 12/22/04) I dropped the note using the multichannel mode bacl a synth of this price! during the 5 months of use I have ever used on a single MIDI channel, otherwise it quickly became galre for all Settings, I eventually sold because I could not has use it in my components multitimbral mode without doing it the cheap synth! )


The sounds are great for tablecloths and sound fx to cratif trs leads, too, is arpgiateur gnial.
d.beam pad and are great for the change in real time and trs eficace to use live.
Trs something important to me the sound of the ringing modlisation trs MOOG? I would say a virtual Polymoog .. This is a sign of great musicality trs.


For this résumé if one uses this synth just for what he is doing better ie trs cratives tablecloths and original sound fx and beautiful scrolls and Leads that come out weird synths sounds a bit strotyps it is best in this CATEGORY by far ...
origins of the sounds are not good opportunities for the machines?? all the better for lovers of sounds like me!