Roland AX-Synth
Migoucorporation 10/25/2009

Roland AX-Synth : Migoucorporation's user review


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4-octave keyboard. Jack Stro headphone jack, 2 Jacks (R, L / mono), MIDI, USB, enters to pedal. Controller tape to the pitch, modulation bar, B-Deam (cool!), Aftertouch knob. 256 sounds, full of polyphony. Look fabulous although it is a bit "plastic" for the wearer.


Very simply, it is the wing, lights and his fate. The sounds are easily accessible, rpertoris in 8 catgories 32 sounds each. The "Numeric keypad" allows to access directly a given ISSUE 30 times without pressing the button (INC / +) for example. The edition of sounds is done with software that is supposed to be in the synth and transmitted via USB to the PC. I have not found but is freely tlchargeable lel Roland on site. The edition is rather simple, but the names and initials are diffrentes other synth (I have not much experience in this area, and this is my first Roland). You can download the software to give you an idea, masi I find it quite complete.


Ae! This is after me ngatif point of this synth. We find very beautiful sounds, often head to GRADE elsewhere but many are duplications with others or rather mediocre quality (eg 64 lead synth sounds but a lot is cast, it remains quite good on the job), at least when listening with headphones. Branch on an amp, it sounds good on the other hand, especially the lead guitar. The "super natural" sounds make good. Overall I think the sonority sound a bit "retro" genre years 80. This is not really what I want, masi we find such sounds strings, electric guitars, piano, organ and brass (but I almost never use the last two as it goes wrong with the music I do). I put 6 PCQ sounds too Marqus and may be lacking a bit of punch to certain, or on the contrary, lacks softness (you will say that I do not know what I want, but one or two small pads hovering not too aurairnt t). I find that for a Korg synth sounds R3 (twice cheaper) sounds better than the AX Synth (but no acoustic or semi-acoustic sounds). So I'm not saying that the AX synth is bad but it is not east to the same music as I do.


I've had two or three months. This is my first synth roland (if you do not count my keyboard arrange E-14 but I do not think it's in the same CATEGORY ... ^^) so I can not compare with any other.
The pros: The look, type controllers, ease of use. This is a very good synth scene.
Voil except for someone like me who only very occasionally concerts, it's more a toy, a toy and 1000 is a bit expensive.
The -: The sonorits that do not match the type of music I do, the price also.

Looking back, I will not repeat my choice, but as I bought ds its release, I did not test it before. I think I'll sell it or change against a Juno-Stage (if I find so), which seems to me more suited what I want.