stompboxjon 10/01/2012

Yamaha S70 XS : stompboxjon's user review

« any difference with the S70 and S90? »

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The Yamaha S70 XS is a 76 key synth and it is also considered a stage piano. It has over 1,000, but it will take some time to get use to. It was not an easy keyboard to understand for the simple fact that it is set up differently then previous S models from Yamaha, maybe because it is using a different OS, I am not sure. It does come with a manual and you will need to look some things up if you want to understand how everything works quickly. The S70 has 22 different type of chorus effects and about 10 different reverbs that can all be changed and tweaked in real time. On the back of the S70 you have an input slot to plug in your mic and you can record into it. You even have controls right on the S70 to control our effects to your voice so they wont sound dry.


Editing your sounds are not easy, but they are not difficult. You will just need to take some time to understand the flow of the board and then you will be editing everything pretty quickly. Setting up the keyboard takes no effort, its getting use to that takes some time. With 192 MB of internal memory and a nice lit LCD display. You can even load in your samples or whatever and edit them right on screen.


Most of the sounds on the S70 are realistic, a few of the piano’s I was not a fan of because I felt like they sounded too toy-ish and more like a free VST piano would. But there are enough effects on the S70 to spice up any of the sounds you don’t initially like.


Overall, it is a solid synth with a lot of sounds that you can use right to your music no matter what style you make. It is more of an all in one synth but at the same time it has a high price that might not be worth the purchase when you can buy something that cost less that does virtually the same exact thing. If you are going to spend this much you mine as well go with the Yamaha S90 XS.