mrjason 11/01/2012

Yamaha S70 XS : mrjason's user review

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I have seen many people use the Yamaha S70 XS as a stage piano and I have also seen it in many studios. My experience with the S70 XS starts in the studio. First thing that I noticed with it was how good it feels to play it, the keys feel great. It has 1,024 voices and 64 drum kits. All of the drum kits sound pretty good, they are much better than a lot of the other Yamaha keyboards that have come out over the last few years.


The sound and effects editing is simple, everything is done in real time and it is all at your finger tips. It takes little to no effort at all to use the S70 XS. I do not use many of the effects on it though I run the signal out through a interface and into my software mixer track and that is where I add most of the effects.


The manual that comes with it is easy to understand if you need it. But chances are you won’t even need a manual to operate the S70 XS because it is self explanatory and more of a plug and play type of synth keyboard. All of the keys are weighted and it has a built in arpeggiator.


For the money, this is one of the best Yamaha keyboards that I have used in all of my time making music. They only thing they could improve on is maybe making the screen a full color display and making it a little bigger because it is small and it can be difficult to read sometimes if you need to switch things up quickly. But all of the sounds are great and useable. I am very satisfied with my purchase, this will remain one of my favorite keyboards to work with.