j.fred 10/31/2010

Yamaha S70 XS : j.fred's user review


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see the news s90 xs


At first it's a very intuitive keyboard with lots of realtime controls for a true gaming pleasure
on the other hand, if you want to go deeper into the many features of this keyboard, the manual is mandatory and must spend a little time to understand its operation. On this test the magazine home studio manual mentions a 62-page manual but it is only getting started. The reference manual in pdf format (not cool!) Is 160 pages not counting the manual editor. It is a scene full keyboard with real function synthesizer.
The editor is easy to use and required to edit sounds a little deeper and especially to have access to eight elements (waveform) that constitute a vote.
Otherwise the screen keyboard is too small which makes some use even if it does not bother me in terms of what the concurence ...


To close the debate: "Who has the best piano sound" go listen!. What i can tell you is that the sound s6 far exceeds that of the great piano XS, as touch (heavier is far superior to my taste at a course north EX piano sounds) is very expressive and I take my foot! In addition there are other presets piano worth seeing as the piano rock.
This keyboard is a keyboard with sounds generalists which suits me perfectly for a style of pop-rock (amateur jazz and classical on your way!).
On the whole the 1024 surpasses it sounds concurence keyboards scene in terms of quality and realism. Personally I do not look for sounds in accordance with the original instrument, but what interests me is the personality of sounds and being able to adapt to my style.
I find the sounds of piano, EP, organs, violins, brass, guitars, synths very good and very varied. I have only been a little disappointed with the keyboard percussion (marimba and others ...) I find it a bit "dull" and webs of synthesizer (new age style ambience or Korg Wavestation!) Varied little (the effect modulator ring is not very effective next to my old JV 1080!)


I use it for 3 months.
I hesitated long internship with the north I found the touch too soft and its price is too expensive. SV1 of the korg was in my budget, but apart from his piano sounds very good the rest is below the s70 and user memories too numerous not to mention the monotimbralité which for me is a characteristic playoff.
What I really decided is that I paid 1790 euros on the internet in a store in Paris and at that price I will ever buy this without any hesitation.
In conclusion, I am the keyboard scene the most complete and most polyvalant market compared to a nordstage or SV1. In addition it has many functions: the performance (so arranger editable but unfortunately does not ternary rhythms ...) great to improvise with rhythm and accompaniment, the effect half-pedal (pedal optional) recorder and digital player (wav), the direct connection of a microphone with the possibility to add effects and many buttons to fiddle for mofifier its sounds or can easily find them. Only the vocoder disappointed me, I find it a little gadget.