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DJ Consoles user reviews

  • Denon DJ DN-X1500

    Denon DJ DN-X1500 - FP User's review


    Love all the effects and the digital display settings. Theres about 8 diffrent effects on this machine and love each and one of them. prob better handling then all the pioneer mixers ive had over the last couple years. love the 4 channels. I like the…

  • Pioneer DJM-600

    Pioneer DJM-600 - FP User's review


    Extremely satisfied. Excellent quality sound and features. Very versatile pro mixer. Price paid $967 UTILIZATION User interface is almost perfect, very intuitive. Didn't need to read very much of the manual at all! Definitely robust enough and h…

  • Vestax PMC-05 Pro III

    Vestax PMC-05 Pro III - FP User's review


    I like the features. It is very user friendly. The faders, switches and knobs are well laid out. Perfect for first timers. $399.99 USD UTILIZATION No complicated 'bells & whistles". Extremely user friendly. Maximum quality for the price. Fad…

  • Behringer DX626

    Behringer DX626 - FP User's review


    Pretty much standard features here, nothing over the top that would make this mixer unique or wanted solely for a single feature. However, the BPM counter is complete garbage and I wish there was a way to turn it off. I have to use ugly black electri…

  • Vestax PCV-275

    Vestax PCV-275 - FP User's review


    This is not a 'scratch' mixer but the fader is incredibly loose. It feels like a real scratch mixer, and also has awesome features for mixing like kill switches. it also has effects loops which i probably will never use but i know they are there if i…

  • Ecler Smac Pro 40

    Ecler Smac Pro 40 - FP User's review


    This mixer is amazing ! I like the ergonomic faders and the ability to switch Xfader extremes to different channels. Price paid: £421 UTILIZATION Once you get past the "OMFG" of all the knobs and stuff, it is all pretty much common knowl…

  • Vestax PMC-06 Pro A

    Vestax PMC-06 Pro A - FP User's review


    This depends heavily of what you are expecting. Mixer is very stripped down, no extras. Personally, I am missing: - third band to eq - wider eq range - third stereo output - master out to phones But for what it's built for - scrtatching - it's just g…

  • Behringer VMX300

    Behringer VMX300 - FP User's review


    This is a great mixer for your money. lot's of nice features like very good kill-function, with hold and tap. beatcounters and a sort of beat assist funtion, but this is not very useble. you can tap in and more or less lock on to a beat. but this onl…

  • Rane Empath

    Rane Empath - FP User's review


    For the music I spin, it had everything I needed.... some might say they need individual EQ kill switches, but for me that wasn't neccessary... I give it a 10! Price paid $850 UTILIZATION After you get the hang of it (especially the cueing system…

  • Gemini DJ PS-676i

    Gemini DJ PS-676i - FP User's review


    Comes with a 12 second looping digital sampler which was instrumental in my purchase. it was pretty easy to figure out and get to grips with, but the sound quality of the sampler isn't up to scratch. the loops can sound OK but can really lack bass. i…