Korg Kaoss Pad 3 KP3
Korg Kaoss Pad 3 KP3

Kaoss Pad 3 KP3, DJ Effect from Korg in the Kaoss Pad series.

Spawn-X 07/15/2012

Korg Kaoss Pad 3 KP3 : Spawn-X's user review

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-What impact or effect types available?
See data sheet. It would take too long to list everything so that the listing is complete in the manual of the machine.

-Are they editable?
The question is not fully adapted to this machine. In fact, the effects are not really editable in the sense that it is usually understood when talking about multi-fx. However, the Pavet touch is there to drive in real time some parameters depending on the effect activated. The goal is clear, to vary the live audio processing chosen.

Via an editor-Mac / PC?
There is indeed a software publisher. But again, it does not "edit" but the effects to set the machinery in respect of such organization of presets, management of samples (yes, because the KP3 has a "small" sampler loops), or the configuration of the MIDI messages that can issue the KP for example when moving the finger on the touchscreen (by far the feature that is most useful to me, but I'll).

-Is it a rack or rack-mount model?
See photo. Machine in the console. But hey, it is always possible to Racker by fiddling a bit ... ;)

-What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
Digital course ... ;)

-What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
Again, the sheet is more eloquent. ;)
I can do all of m ^ m give a little advice as to the audio cabling. Indeed, the KP is at the base rather developed for use intended for DJs, the format is chosen RCA connector which is not necessarily the best choice as possible when using, like me, the KP in another context that the DJing.


-The general configuration is simple?
Frankly, there's nothing very complicated in this machine.

The sound-editing or effects is easy?
See above.

-The manual is clear and sufficient? ...


The effects-are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
Some are anecdotal where others are clearly tailored to use touch. Filters, for example, though far from analogue standards, are very great job. The typical effect slicer is really nice too if only one manages to properly synchronize the on BPM.

-Which instruments do you use?
This is where it goes bad. I MIDIfié guitarist. C-to-d that I play on both the stuff of guitar for guitar sounds traditional, but both on the guitar to MIDI converter that allows me to control the synth. In this case I believe a Nord Modular G2 Engine that I use as well as synth like effect. This is where the KP makes sense in my system since I use it occasionally as an effect, but more favorably as a MIDI controller. And there, it's pretty cool. I also uses a Switchblade GL which is both a router and an audio mixer and allows me to connect all my machines in any order and change it on the fly. Thus, for example, sometimes I often use my Boss RC-50 looper to record a guitar part, synth, or otherwise, then, change the audio routing without cutting the loop and register to be able to apply treatments the KP3. In short, a beautiful gas plant where KP is the good place. But you'll understand that my use of the KP is rather remote from the ordinary use.


-How long you use it?
Since August 2007.

-What is so special that you love the most, least?
The pros:
- Of course, touch the side that puts the effect at the end of our finger. It is made for it after all.
- The format desk is not so bad on a pedalboard or on a movable platform in a rack.
- The control functions of external devices via MIDI. When one has a multi-fx more serious, use the KP as a pure MIDI controller without m ^ m connect the audio can be a great calculation.
The -:
- Clearly, this fucking FX RELEASE adding a delay locked on the BPM to supposedly melt the end of the effect in the sound is dry when the finger touch pad. Ultimately, this delay is not necessarily bad or inappropriate. But the problem is that we can not definitively squizer by preset or preset so that it always comes back after reignition of the KP. A bit annoying ...
- The questionable quality of some effects that are sometimes also largely dispensable.