her-V 05/05/2012

Korg Kaoss Pad Quad : her-V's user review

" A test!"

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To this point I let you see the instructions on the net ..

But not MIDI or opportunity to at least one sample!

Yep, the same strategy of Kord separate machine functions for better business.
I note this point so severe.
Fortunately, the price dropped. I would have been disgusted with this Kaoss paid for 300 Eu


Simple configuration to Korg. The usefulness of such a machine is of course in addition to something else. The machine is so simple it seems to me that they even forgot some thing in the manual!


Quality and will be made depending on the source and the game that can be done.


For my part I work Osx and its Logic. I have a midi keyboard and Arturia Bundle with all its great synth. But I always was a fan of Electribes and for me that I missed the Kaoss out of all these so that I discover, I see that Kord really innovated as to his habits and rebounded well from those that were simple Electribes use while being quite effective.
After I had the Radias few years but too complex for me, quick! ^ ^

To tell you the physical side with the music I missed terribly since the Electribes.
I bought new at a good price to sell it thinking if it was not the case.
It's hard to know what it's worth so that you not test it properly.

At first contact I was happy to "toy" with.
I did spend my whole component in this was his "effect". It was fun slumped on the couch!
After I did a test more seriously, and it seemed to be quite similar in sound and color combinations that I preferred!
I thought I was separated in a matter of time, then to test the KP3.
But this afternoon I was still doing some tests to see if I kept it or not. And then passing some tracks inside the Quad, then that I transmitted to me by Pro Kaossilator samples well then handed in my own component, well it was pretty!

So I found my way to work with and then I'll keep it a bit to see if this is confirmed yet or not. I find its usefulness with at least the "Loop" Quad more than I used to using it too beginning. Because I thought it would make a "dégeulasse!

But what made me bleufé is that the sound really changed with the finger next to it. I mean really in the millimeter. Also the source is often different normally. The Loop will be made somewhat haphazardly. The important thing is to put your finger on a precise time.
Sometimes it is nothing then suddenly magical!! and as we find a vein ... well we continued to search. I work with at least 2 or 3 finger resting on it.

In summary, left him a chance if you bought it.
I would have regretted being missed using that I made this afternoon.

Not for the Kaoss 3, but like to the test. I have a guitar that sleep and may wake up in someone else .....

I hope this review has been helpful.