AKG K 518 DJ
AKG K 518 DJ

K 518 DJ, DJ headphone from AKG.

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corey-slipknot 08/23/2012

AKG K 518 DJ : corey-slipknot's user review

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I have this headset for over 2 years. I was looking for a headphone with big bass to listen to electro / hardcore ... And I was immediately captivated!

Before I had a Koss PortaPro that I liked (despite small pain after a while) who dropped (broken headset), I also had two V-MODA ITE (Vibe and Bass Freq): the 2 have dropped rapidly in the cable, really disappointed.
I also have an AKG K272HD is absolutely perfect, apart from the size, it is not mobile: p

For K518:
Advantages: Good sound, great bass (need love), rotated auricles, strong enough (except for the wire!)

Disadvantages: Heats many ears in summer (sweat on the pads) shakes too: earache in 1 hour or less.
In addition, the mine has a bad contact (after 2 years anyway) at the jack from a few days left atrium does not work unless I push the wire to the jack (it's painful).

In the end I love this headset because I can not find an equivalent. It's a shame he hurt me and the connectors are not super good.