AKG K 518 DJ
AKG K 518 DJ

K 518 DJ, DJ headphone from AKG.

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DJ GJM 06/09/2010

AKG K 518 DJ : DJ GJM's user review

«  Very good headphone !! »

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I reu today ds ke I took over I was finding k'il bigger than expected (I was afraid it was too small) finally the size is very good, it has robust air. You have to see her in longevity. Ct sound is really good sound that emerges and the sound is more powerful than certaint headphones (my reference number SHL-Phillips 9600).
To résumé is a good headphone very well insulated with low resortent that very well and treble. The only default, which is pa new is that it compresses much head but it moin yours in place and glue the head headphones. The thread of 2.50m poses no problem if the clip with the clip which is above the opening.
PS: It comes with a small leather bag for transport.