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Djay, DJ Software from Algoriddim.

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Algoriddim Djay Updated to v2.2

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Algoriddim has announced the release of version 2.2 its music player and DJ software.

djay 2.2 now lets users control almost all functions of its turntable-style user interface through intuitive Multi-Touch finger gestures on notebook trackpads, thereby significantly improving the user experience and, potentially, superseding expensive DJ equipment with a simple all-in-one notebook setup.

djay supports a variety of trackpad gestures. Similar to using the iPod's click-wheel, users can use rotate gestures on the trackpad to quickly browse djay's built-in iTunes library and throw a selected song on one of the turntables with a swipe gesture. Two-finger gestures allow scratching MP3s on the virtual turntables, crossfading between songs and adjusting speed, volume and equalizer sliders just like with a real turntable and mixer setup.

Two-finger gestures are supported on all Mac notebooks featuring two-finger scrolling, making the feature available to most users with iBook, PowerBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro computers. For even more control, users of the MacBook Air and the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro models can use the additional three-finger swipe and rotate gestures.

Full list of changes in djay v2.2:

    * Significantly improved two-finger and Multi-Touch trackpad support to control turntable, mixer, sliders and music library individually (Multi-Touch control applies to the user interface element currently focused by the mouse cursor).
    * Added Multi-Touch control to master volume, sampler, precueing and bonjour volume slider.
    * Added Multi-Touch control to open/close/switch tools.
    * Added rotate and swipe gesture control.
    * Added preference to enable/disable Multi-Touch control.
    * Added dialogue to confirm quit if sound is still playing.
    * Added option shortcut to load song on active turntable on double click.
    * Added double click and right mouse click on slider for reset.
    * Improved iTunes sorting behavior.
    * Automatically sort albums by track number.
    * Improved play/pause behavior with space bar.
    * Changing line faders does not affect pre-cueing channels.
    * Changing line faders preserves the audio signal metering.
    * Fixed iTunes marked/played column header highlight.
    * Fixed issue with Multi-Touch control for pre-cueing crossfader.
    * Fixed issue with 22 kHz sample rate audio files.
    * Fixed issue with some Vestax VCM-100 controllers being detected as VCI-100 (added option to select configuration).
    * Fixed issue with sampler LED buttons on VCI-100 MIDI Controller.

Pricing and Availability

djay is now available for $49.99 or €39.99 as an immediate download from the algoriddim website, or as a boxed product from the Apple Online Store and Apple Retail Stores worldwide.
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