Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 5.0
Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 5.0

Virtual DJ 5.0, DJ Software from Atomix Productions in the Virtual DJ series.

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dj_ddf 10/10/2007

Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 5.0 : dj_ddf's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
What motivated my choice was the era c'tait price, and the fact that the creator of the soft close of the users are trs (raction rapid vdj team facing a problem I)

This is always a product that no net trs expensive (250) and provides incredible opportunities (mix video, iCDX compatibility, etc ...)

This software is suitable for both beginners a use (sync music automatically), amateur, professional and confirm (sync to music with headphones)

the config is asking the average home works perfectly since jai good config (quad core 2.4 ghz, and Core 2 Duo 2GHz)

It works just as well as xp vista

I mix with this software timecode vinyl, and works perfectly (and I will soon move to the time code cd)


Installing this without problem and is trs fast!

until now I never had a problem net

configuration is very simple for beginners, and are sharp rglages trs Submitted for pro.

the manual is very well set up,


I have three computers

1 pc office xp

pentium 4 3ghz
nvidia 7800 gt 256mb
Sound Card xfi
300 GB hard drive

1 pc desktop vista

pentium quad core 2.4 ghz
4gig DDR2 RAM
nvidia 8600GT
Sound Card xfi
500 GB hard drive

A vista laptop

Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo T7300 2GHz
2gig ddr2
nvidia 8600GT
orgine realtek sound card + USB external sound card ESI U46DJ
200 GB hard drive

virtual dj and works perfectly with all three machines even in the mix video

with the three machines the software is stable trs no bugs, no slowdown.


-How long I use it! When I started euuuuuuuuuuu c'tait version 2 silent marketed so its been a few years now and I do not regret my choice.

"I love this software because it offers opportunities for a standard price drisoires compared to these performances, in addition to the site can Tlcharger new video effects, audio, samples, skins, and so all his free biensur, the Community trs virtual dj is warm and trs active.

-Then what I like least euuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rflchi 2 minutes, really go by what he must say something, this for me for example I is not skin which has the r solution for my laptop, the only things that let this not Gnant.

-Not when I achte this app I never try other software before the meantime I try serato scratch and tracktor, and frankly I'm trs well with VDJ.

I think that we can find best quality prices, which frankly the 200 compared to the competition again with this app you mix the video with lots of effects, mix of audio also full of effects, such as extreme (although I say extreme)

to mix the video, if you buy 2 DVJ-1000 has 2500 pices!! and a table SVM-1000 has 5499 pices!
so you revert to 10,499, while virtual dj score 200, I say this not comparable, and that a true rate because this stuff really sick, especially the jewelry,

veiled but I mean you can mix the video without ruining it, Deplus this app is compatible with many MIDI device (Hercules mk3, bcd 3000, iCDX, nuo4 etc. ...).
I said there's no picture you will understand.

last example there is the automatic mix, this very practical, such as automatic mix can let the computer enchantment of music, which is good for a meal, because it is full of background music that s 'enchantment to the infinite, and then take orders for APRS in people eating.

this software from my ever and frankly I care and I refer 100 times the same choice if he had to, I want to say Congratulations to the team of virtual dj and users for their great trs rapid response to problem users, and I also told them a big thank you, because once you buy a software pro, the updates are free since I have the pro version 3, I went to the free version 4 to version 5 now also free.