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Mixxx [Freeware]

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Mixxx Mixxx [Freeware]
News Mixxx Mixxx [Freeware]

Mixxx is an Open Source package for DJs, designed to provide what you need to create live mixes.

Mixxx can run without extra hardware, and is described as “a functional replacement for a traditional ”turntables and mixer" DJ setup."

The software also supports advanced features like comprehensive MIDI controller support, vinyl control, and multi-core CPU support.

Full Feature List
  • Parallel waveform displays
  • Waveform summaries
  • MP3, OGG, WAVE, and FLAC playback
  • Pitch-independent time stretch (key lock)
  • Vinyl emulation
  • Wave recording
  • Free, open source software
  • BPM detection and estimation
  • Supported MIDI controllers:
    o Hercules DJ Console MK2
    o Hercules DJ Console MP3
    o Hercules DJ Console RMX
    o Hercules DJ Console Mac Edition
    o Mixman DM2
    o Tascam US-428
    o M-Audio X-Session Pro
    o M-Audio Xponent
    o Evolution X-Session
    o Ecler NUO4
    o FaderFox DJ2
    o Vestax VCI-100
    o Numark Total Control
    o … and more
  • Multichannel soundcard support (playback and capture)
  • Multiple soundcard support
  • Cross-platform (Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Adjustable EQ shelves
  • Crossfader curve control
  • Skinnable interface with extra skins bundled
  • Adjustable pitch range
  • Multi-core CPU support
  • 24-bit/96000 Hz playback and capture
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Hardware video acceleration
  • Vinyl control support for:
    o Serato CV02 vinyl
    o Traktor Scratch vinyl
    o FinalScratch Standard vinyl
    o FinalScratch Scratch vinyl
    o Serato CD

Check out mixxx.org for more info.
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