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Gpforce 03/03/2006

Serato Scratch Live : Gpforce's user review


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I chose this interface for a simple reason trs I prefried peter spcial a vinyl that I can recommend if necessary plutt a drive that no longer exists on the market. Other practical, no need to carry super heavy vinyl bins.
Latter motivates this choice is being able to mix all the sounds spciaux, jingles and even my components in the same Manir a traditional disk. The concept is simply gnial.

USB connector on a laptop Acer Aspire 1522 with a CPU AMD64 3000 + (1.8GHz) 512Mb 60Gb HD and the trs Systm is stable. The laptop rgule speed and with Serato on PC remains a speed of 800MHz in permanence. There is therefore no need for a PC "extraordinary" to use it.


The installation is very simple, connect the interface and installing the driver and software. No worries.

I have not met the incompatibility of my config, on the other hand, there is a spcial forum for this type of device, users do not complain either.

The software is very easy RULES, there is not much paramtre rgler except that the buffer of the USB signal and calibration.

The manual when he, I did not read to learn something but it seems that each item is properly explained.

Do not fault either of the ct.


The drivers are apparently stable, I have several times used the software in the evening and suddenly, as I carry nothing like conventional discs, the Systm must run all night. This test is also trs conclusive since no crash has raised t date.

I do not know if the drivers are being updated for 4 months but I use Systm, I received a new version of software (free of course) and now a new beta version is available. Rane uses several outsiders who test the software and provides them with critical permance Rane into account.

Systm latency is low trs, which must be in the scratching, the PC will need a powerful, simple to the mix, it can be increased to a little machine mnager I really do not know the exact value but in any case the raction is instant and I have never seen the diffrence use with an ordinary disk.

The version I use does not register. But the version 1.5 (currently beta) lets you save the record signal via the inputs. Thing I did not test, but proof is that the software always s'amliore.


As mentioned above, I served for four months, everything is on the machine aprciable as it works perfectly, forgetting the competitors, I am not here to dgueuler deu but if I had you make a comparison, I cry without problem on 25 pages of shit that exists in the trade.

However, difficult to judge the report qualitprix, it is cheaper than the competitor and more reliable but it is always difficult to give a price software, the interface in any case is robust, well assembled, and as I allowed myself to disassemble (I'm curious I confess), I comfirm that the internal manufacturing quality is exemplary and worthy of Rane.

Systm This is a little fawn future retro, technology control by the old school techniques of vinyl remains the queens with the benefits of a fully transparent numrique who forget to leave s Premire minutes of use.
So 100% pure happiness, trs Systm is reliable and technical support bttn.
CD players flat scratch function is certainly not bad, but it is not the same and for an exorbitant price. Here you have a touch and manip 100% identical to the vinyl just rip CDs to the hard drive.

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