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Thread Output problems Numark mixer 5000FX

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1 Output problems Numark mixer 5000FX
I connected 2 active speakers on the master output of my Numark 5000FX mixer. Often I have some output failure for about a second or 2 (no sound). In my headphone this problem doesn't occur. At first I thought the problem was solved by connecting the speakers at the monitor outputs, but that was only for a short while. Does anybody knows what the problem might be?
Could it have anything to do with the small "ground" button behind the mixer?
If you mean the little black knob for limiting the maximum output level of the master XLR output it's a no. I connect the active speakers to the Master analog RCA Output, so this knob isn't in use. Maybe it's better to use the Stereo Balanced Master Outputs (XLR) for my active speakers. In that case I can use the Master Gain Reduction knob (Attenuator) and maybe my problem is solved.
Have you tried any other speakers with it. like a pair of basic computer speakers to see if you have the same problem?
I shall try to connect other speakers to the master output en let you know. Yesterday I played for almost an hour without any output failure :???: The only thing I did was turning the output gain level knob a bit down. The strange thing is that it has no influence of the RCA master output at all. I could send the mixer to Numark but I will be mixless for about several weeks. Only original Numark dealers can send Numark gear to Numark so it will cost a lot of money and time. Maybe it's a very small problem and not worth it to miss my mixer at all.