Epiphone FT-200 The Monticello
Epiphone FT-200 The Monticello

FT-200 The Monticello, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the FT series.

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patrick83 04/08/2011

Epiphone FT-200 The Monticello : patrick83's user review


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Made in Japan, it will soon be submitted for gold ....

Characteristics see more opinions ....

Highways further notice


The handle is super nice.

A guitar that is no longer, and look fabulous ..

with the eagle on his head.

Mine comes from a friend, she has some fart on the table, it has been reviewed by a luthier friend of mine, and it is top of the top.


my first acoustic guitar (I chui moujaeut grandpa, Cajarc), was an Epiphone.

I was a kid, I do not know which was more, but stick with ultra-thin, short, not really my game but I have learned).

A friend gave me this one, it was completely deregulated, and my friend luthier has given all square.

Then, the sound, hummmmm ..

Yet I have Martin, a high-end (D35), and a supposedly low-end (DX1), and others, but when I play this guitar, I found the sound of my youth, and c ' is crazy, a balance between the bass, and treble médiumm, one is at his Gibson.

I hesitated to write a post about it, but it's a guitar for real connoisseurs.

and look, and everything, in short, we fell in love.

Too bad that this guitar either side, and made more and more .....

And the pleasure of playing it, it's indescribable.


I use it for three years, and the more upscale (if there ever was), often remain in their boxes.
To own a guitar, and a pleasure seamless.

According to my expert, well maintained and properly adjusted, it is 400 Euro, and you keep it for life, and believe me it gets better with time.

I had an opportunity, but it is an excellent choice.