Epiphone PR-100
Epiphone PR-100

PR-100, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the PR series.

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Heavyspender 04/23/2008

Epiphone PR-100 : Heavyspender's user review


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This guitar was made in China. It has 22 frets and is a straight acoustic guitar. (i.e. no electrical components.) The bridge is stock plastic (?) bridge. No setting controls, as it is a straight acoustic. It has a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard.


The back of the neck on this guitar is nice and smooth and let's your hand slide easily up and down the neck. Because the guitar needs a set-up, the action is not that great. So I use this guitar as a practice guitar to strengthen my hands and improve my picking and fretting accuracy. As with most dreadnought style acoustics, it is difficult to get to the top notes/last frets of this guitar. I guess if you want to play high note acoustic solos, you need to get an electric acoustic with a cutaway. This guitar is light and easy to move around with. It's not so big that it's not cumbersome to play, which is great. At this price point, this acoustic sounds great. When playing chords, the sound coming out of the sound-hole is big, full and bright. It sounds better than a few thousand dollar acoustic guitars that I've played, in my opinion.


I play for a worship service, and sometimes we play some acoustic tunes. I haven't used this acoustic on stage yet, but I think it would sound great either miked or if I get a pickup for it. Like I said, I love the sound of chords coming out of this thing. Because of the action, playing single notes don't sound that great. You've got to focus on fretting properly instead of zoning in on your vibrato, etc.


I've had this acoustic since the beginning of the year, and it has served its purpose so far. It's good enough to play on stage with, and that is amazing considering how much I spent for this guitar. And since I got such a great deal on this guitar, I really can't complain about the semi cheap bridge and tuners. Getting the guitar set up is up to me as well. I tried ibanez's, martins, gibsons, ovations, and a couple other brands. This is the one I could afford. For the price, it is good enough and does the trick. I wish I could have waited and purchased an acoustic-electric for a few dollars more, but that was not guaranteed. Knowing that I wouldn't be guaranteed to find a great deal on an acoustic-electric anytime soon, I had the chance to purchase this great deal, and I took it. No regrets.