Epiphone PR-100
Epiphone PR-100

PR-100, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the PR series.

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poulpinaz 12/06/2004

Epiphone PR-100 : poulpinaz's user review


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US made guitar design in Asia, Dreadnought type, affects 20 boxes, very typical blues / rock.
The handle is round sansplat Central. This is a scratch for picking.


Frome the specific promises of the neck stiffness in the left thumb for beginners when it attacked barred. against by the Word of the handle is an example of what should be some "brands".
Speaking of polish, I find that the body of the beast too fragile and the shield is too small. Once captivated by the sound of lengin have is easily embedded and there: scratch that .....
she is very well balanced, even for a game up.


As I said before, it is typical blues and rock. With this guitar, it has to slap. It is obvious that the other basic arpeggio. Bavouille sound a bit (and even when much is taken for Steve VAI)
Actually, I am fortunate to have bought this instrument in order to do what is expected. (If you have not understand everything, read the sentence from the beginning, as I have done). pastries is subtle but generous and often is what many seek musicos club. The Beatles never made us scream with Logoi girls (I'm sorry if it's wrong but I know not Write the spelling)


I use it since 4 years maintenat. Besides that, I play metal and it allows me to m'éclatersur good blues / rock, very east-coast.
Quality: his big heart
Its failure: the takeover by micro for the stage: she projects much and not always strictly ...
before choosing, I try 7 or 8, all in the same price range. and for that price, with the use I make of it a treat. I exchange it not against two barrels of "X".