Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original

S6 Original, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Seagull in the Original series.

moosers 05/06/2009

Seagull S6 Original : moosers's user review


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The Seagull S Series S6 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar that has about 21 frets and is not an electric/acoustic, so it has no pick ups or controls. It has a pretty standard look to it as far as dreadnoughts go, but does come in a darker finish than most that I've seen.


The neck of the Seagull S6 feels pretty good and the guitar is overall really easy play. While it doesn't have the fluidity of some higher end guitars that I've played, it is certainly more than playable and is fine for playing either rhythm or lead. The shape of the guitar is the standard body shape for dreadnought guitars and the weight of the guitar is probably a little bit lighter than most acoustic guitars that I've played. Getting a good sound is pretty easy if you know how to play, but it won't really blow you away.


The sound from the Seagull S6 is pretty good, but wouldn't be my first choice by a long shot when it comes to recording. I like the sound of it but I have other options that I would much rather use. It isn't vibrant enough for my taste, but does cover the full spectrum pretty well, sometimes it just sounds a little dull. However, for practicing it is perfect and is even suitable for shows.


I've been using the Seagull S6 for about three or four years and have found it to be a nice guitar for the price. It is perfect for practicing and even for shows, but I really wouldn't recommend recording with it unless you don't have another option. This being said, it is a mid level guitar and is aimed at the intermediate player looking for a nice guitar that sounds pretty good and is easy to play. It won't blow you away with the sound of it, but for the price you can't really complain. Overall, a nice model from a company that for some reason seems to fly under the radar more than they should.