Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original
ydphotographie 08/23/2005

Seagull S6 Original : ydphotographie's user review


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This is a Canadian guitar Dreadnought type. 14 frets non-cash. Channel 24.8 inches exactly (630 mm) lol
It is well made trs. Trs sober. The table is however quite sensitive to blows. This is for the use of cedar wood which is a fairly soft.


The handle is big enough and broad. 47mm at nut of head. The pitch is quite short (24.8 inches). The frets are pretty flat. The action of t Sets the strings down a luthier that provides more comfort empty. The handle is perfect for my large hands. Access in acute is quite difficult, which is normal for a case with no cutaway. The interface is perfect for me.
I ride Elixir Custom Light strings for many years. These strings have transfigured and gives me the sound I wanted.


It should be perfectly my style of music. The sound is modern and trs typ. Trs hot. The bass and mdiums gnreux take precedence over almost treble that are felt and can trs aggressive. It resembles neither the sound nor the sound Martin Taylor. Which is a plus for me! The sound of these guitars is high quality but lack of originality PCHE. And in the field, I know what I say, I possde a Taylor 814 ... I also had the opportunity to test several Martin D28 and other jewels of the brand.


I use it for exactly 12 years! She improves with age so much so that when I try a new S6 I feel not to have the same instrument! Over the years, the race was "made" my hand. The report quality is simply outstanding price! If c'tait again, I would say yes, yes and YES!