Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original
grinch2139 08/21/2005

Seagull S6 Original : grinch2139's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The grinch2139 talks about his Seagull S6 cedar ... "It is made to" La Patrie "in Quebec (French Canada) is a 14 frets ... the simple manufacturing micro piezo (under the bones of the bridge) is a type LR Baggs Micro EQ (on mine in anyway) ... with three pushbuttons: treble, bass, volume ... it is powered by a 9 volt battery that is changed by the sound hole ... it's true that a less practical case of splint on the outside, but obviously much more aesthetic. The battery lasts one year. The handle is height adjustable, very convenient to enrich the "low" which is his weak point ... is a rounded handle that measuring 45 mm Nut. "


The handle requires a rather precise adjustment to balance between bass and treble, and high ropes course ... I did not find immediately the right compromise, but with a little patience you get there. The height adjustment of the handle is easy with one key by the rosette (do not niker strings, if we rule without removing) ... The truss rod is accessible through the soundhole, is double acting, meaning that it rises or descends in the direction in which it is running (it is explained on the Seagull website) ... not handle too thin (I prefer) ... to get a good projection of the guitar, I get the strings Ernie Ball "type _Regular 2146 Slinky Acoustic" with a pull strong enough 12_16_24_32_44_54 ... that's what I found better (sustain, brightness, balance, projection) have banned EXP and ELIXIR, which are worse, at least for this case and too expensive. For more presence and projection, I refined the soundboard (from 5 / 10 of mm) ... the result is amazing ... It is an operation that I recommend if you're not sure you (if you want advice, go to the website of amateur luthiers "").


After a year of care and control ... I can say that it is a guitar that is deserved, but it's worth it because it has nothing to envy today (at least in sound) to a guitar over 1500 euros ... I add that the cedar was enhanced after six months, as I bought used and the previous owner no longer played for at least a year, it had become "dull" .. . I take this opportunity to give you advice me a luthier to enhance the table leave "trainer" guitar near a source of vibration as a chamber music HIFI (you can put it bluntly) to that it is enriched by good vibrations and waves, I personally made the inside of the box mini speaker.


According to experts the full Seagull is a very good quality / price ratio ... Not knowing at the beginning I chose just because I found it simple (I do not like the frills, especially if they are not to my taste) ... I love the shape of the headstock (that said, it holds the tuning to perfection) ... Beginner's Luck made me make the right choice ... I am particularly happy today ... I plan to buy even one with a spruce top ... Never change a winning team ... The grinch2139 (August 20, 2005).