Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original

S6 Original, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Seagull in the Original series.

MGR/gotfleas 06/14/2002

Seagull S6 Original : MGR/gotfleas's user review

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paid 300.00 from local music store. the sound and tone can not be better

sound and tone of much higher cost guitar. you would not think u are playing a 300dollar guitar. the action can be set to just the way u like has a very deep tone. every body that plays this guitar is blown a way by the tone


the seagull lives with me and 3 teenagers . it has been tested very well for construction. its very tuff. it has to be to stay here

i bought a lot of guitars. this the best 300dollars i ever spent.if u ever play one u would buy it

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