Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original

S6 Original, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Seagull in the Original series.

MGR/chris 11/19/2002

Seagull S6 Original : MGR/chris's user review

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I purchased the S6 at Lakeshore Music in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Both me and my brother bought guitars for about $350 Canadian each with cases. He, sadly, decided on a Yamaha.

The cedar top produces an incredibly warm deep tone that I have never found in any other guitar. The finish is very minimal which gives a much more natural sound. My brother's Yamaha is heavily laquered and sounds tinny. The S6 is extremely easy to play and easy to set up. There is a truss rod adjustment just underneath the soundhole. The intonation is also excellent.

Nothing, but do remember that it can be fragile because of its light finish. Make sure you have a good humidifier for it.

The design is simplicistic but Seagul has put every effort into making the best quality instrument possible. You have to play one to understand the comfort. The guitar has not had a single problem since I bought it.

My S6 is such a beautiful instrument I bought another one with a cutaway and the L.R. Baggs electronics. The S6 is cheaper because they did not bother with all of the flashy extras like pearl inlays or other beauty items. The normal S6 has the best sound in an acoustic guitar especially for around $300.

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