MGR/Chris 03/01/2010

Taylor Baby Taylor : MGR/Chris's user review

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My bands name is Acoustica and we're a 4 person unplugged cover band that plays in the Pittsburgh area. We do tunes from the 70s through the present day and take requests from the audience.

This is a smaller scale six string acoustic guitar designed for small learners and small hands. I've been playing guitar, keys, harmonica, and doing a little recording for about 30 years and now I have an 11 month old son that has an amazing interest every time I am playing around on the acoustic. While he's a little young yet, I couldn't resist this Baby Taylor when I saw it.

I purchased this Baby Taylor from Guitar Center in Robinson Township, PA, near Pittsburgh. It was $289 with a really attractive tan soft shell case with a nice Taylor embroidered logo.

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I'm impressed with a couple things. First of all, for a relatively inexpensive, small scale acoustic it has decent action and is really easy to play. Should be great for my son's small hands. Also, it is amazingly loud and could be used as a campfire guitar. The small scale of the neck and body is also great. The guitar itself is very attractive. The neck is primarily rosewood, but there appears to be some type of pattern to it, so it's not a solid color all the way up the scale. Also, there's a nice laser etched pattern around the sound hole that is tasteful and attractive.

While the sound is pretty big, it's also a little harsh and not really warm - which you would expect. It's not a big deal, really, but just calling that out as you shouldn't expect tone like you'd get from a jumbo or dreadnought. Other than that, I like everything else!

Quality seems very good. Fit and finish are tight and everything is bolted down well. The guitar is very light, but it should be, even though I don't think it will stand up to too much abuse. I'm a little worried about my little one swinging this around.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase. The guitar is well built, it fits the playa, and it sounds pretty good for a smaller scale body and neck. It looks great, was at an attractive price point and hey, it's a Taylor! Who can complain. I would recommend it to others.

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