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moosers 01/24/2010

Washburn D100 : moosers's user review


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The Washburn D100 is a cheap, discontinued acoustic guitar designed for beginning players.  I don't know too much about the specs of this guitar, but I've had a few friends get this guitar as a starter guitar to try to learn how to play.  It isn't an acoustic/electric, so it doesn't have any pick ups, volume, or tone knobs.  The entire guitar is made out of mahogany...


Playing the Washburn D100 isn't the most enjoyable experience.  While it can be done for sure, it definitely isn't the easiest guitar to navigate around the neck with.  It isn't easy to access to the top notes at all, as it is hard enough to play chords at the beginning of the neck.  The weight of the guitar is very light, while the shape is a slightly modified dreadnought with a thinner body.  Getting a nice sound isn't easy, as I just don't think that it is possible with the D100.


I'm really not a big fan of the way the Washburn D100 sounds.  The guitar kind of has a rattling sound to it, which of course is not ideal.  I've never used the guitar for recording or shows, just for casual playing, and this is the only type of use this guitar should be seeing.  I can't say that it would be better for one genre over another, as in general the sound is thin.  This definitley isn't suitable for playing any sort of lead guitar, and is just barely manageable for anything else. 


While the Washburn D100 is no longer being made, you can probably find one used on eBay or Craigslist.  However, I'd strongly recommend staying away from this guitar.  If anyone should be using it, it should be an absolute beginner who is looking to spend virtually nothing on an acoustic guitar to get started with.  Even in this situation I'd recommend spending a few extra bucks to get something that actually feels and sounds halfway decent...