Roland PM-30
Roland PM-30

PM-30, Drum Amplifier from Roland.

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duret.antoine 11/28/2012

Roland PM-30 : duret.antoine's user review

«  The perfect solution for electronic drum »

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This is the amp for electronic drums par excellence. It can also serve as a small sound of relief.
Its multiple inputs allow him to use it also as a return. And the drummer can adjust its own level and the back. This amp is powerful enough for the scene as repetition.

I recommend using the Samson S-Convert lives on to convert a balanced signal to unbalanced stereo signal connected to the amp. This corrects input levels and have no problem with interference on scenes where the console is off.

Coupled with an electronic drum kit Roland TD-20, you can not do better as his. The two satellites located nearby ensure a good immersion while the subwoofer placed under severe toms and bass drum near the well can feel the bass as if they came really drums.

The sound is thin enough, it may be perhaps perfectible in use in studio, live hand, the record is there to be little that is done to the sound of electronic drums. By connecting the headphone output of the TD-20 to V-drum specific input of the amp, there is a button "punch" that somehow boost the sound to give it more dynamic. The equalizer allows the most demanding fine tune, knowing that the battery has not bad.

I use it for 4 years, I bought it along with my battery. Returns compared to traditional, it already brings the stereo, which is not negligible for comfort drummer Furthermore, it allows a certain proximity to the speakers and thus to refine the rendering and immersion drummer.

This is for me the best solution compared to earphones or headphones that completely isolates the rest of the group and returns compared to traditional arranged on the ground. Which is often made quite flat and cold because of their remoteness.