Roland PM-30
Roland PM-30

PM-30, Drum Amplifier from Roland.

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yoTrakkz 11/01/2011

Roland PM-30 : yoTrakkz's user review

« pretty good »

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First of all, at the store I cranked the Roland PM-30 monitors to about 85% volume and they are pretty loud even though they seem small! Even at almost full volume they delivered top quality audio without any distortion. The radical curved design on the front is not just for looks. The curve helps reduce diffraction and phasing issues, and it really works. I decided to go with these over my other Mackie monitors because I wasn't satisfied with the balance and the lack of bass, there wasn't enough “boom“! So I returned to the nearest Guitar Center and returned it for a pair of these PM 30‘s! I'm more than satisfied with these monitors! They've got great knobs in the back that click to each turn and the audio is well balanced in my opinionated ears , it's got good compatibility with different audio connections!

These Roland PM 30’s deliver perfectly crisp high end and punchy low-end. Third, if you plan on using these monitors to just listen to music you may have to do a little EQ-ing. These monitors give a very flat frequency response which is great for mastering, but not ideal for listening to music or movies. These are strictly for the studio so don’t try to use them for something else. They will give you a very accurate sound in your mixes, very flat response and clean and crisp sound. No matter what DAW you use or Audio controller these will sound great and bring your mixes where you want them to be.

Overall, these monitors are very very good for their price. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a pair of studio monitors. Get these for your Home Studio so I can bring projects home from work, and have to say the Pm 30’s are great. If you are looking for good monitors and are on a budget get the Roland PM - 30 Monitors, you won't be disappointed.