Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

DR-880 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

benrzone 03/20/2009

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm : benrzone's user review


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I batteur.donc we'll go easier.
CHARACTERISTICS accessible all, I will not repeat it.
Simply that the output spares (4) are trs recording practices, and all custom settings for their management are ditables.
The sounds are good bases, but the potential is not is in the edition of these same sounds.
for the settings of VLOC typing, sounds of drums are parameter.
Frankly, this is the limit too.
Time to go round the presets will give you an ide dja monstrous possibilities.
of pure happiness. nothing but the multi effect you avoid buying a hundred pedals of the same brand, and frankly it's standard, and alone justifies the price.
pero, I do not like line6, too cold, the crunch is a crunch one, and a noise gate, cutting noise as a noise gate.

HiZ guitar input too early, farewell DI box ...

not used the sequencer ... I direct output to logic.


Good call a spade a spade is a factory gas.
By macgyver at the same time, we do not string a jeep.
the manual is very well done, and indispensable.
So, good accessories edit in perspective.


Exras sounds, trsralistes for natural sets by careful against the presets are widely dja compresssion, reverbrs, egaliss etc ... so must seek the potential for no pr Listen to sound "dry"

effects excellent, natural and easy paramtrables (drums and guitar)


Used for 3 years on all the titles I do, or the battery cot or the multi guitar but not bass integrated.
sounds good or good trs, guitar multi standard menus a bit complex but in fact long since assimilated quickly.
Accessible to beginners through presets, programming and drummer ... or record live.
impressive quality price ratio.

just the top.