Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

DR-880 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

purplebash 11/01/2005

Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm : purplebash's user review


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(For technical details see previous post) the big positive point and two separate outputs freely assignable, you can remove the example of the output KICK A, the bass line on the B and the rest of the mix on the stereo output ppal ... or the battery on the stereo, the bass line on the output A and B, you ("true") guitar! etc ... in addition, you can set each output to feed a PA or a guitar amp .. .
the weak point? memory capacity for those who use it on stage with a large directory ...


The manual (French) confuses some simple things to do (probably translation problems) ... otherwise, once digested the logic of the machine, no worries.
Missing comments / explanations on the (very) many presets, fills, effects, etc ... (you are condemned to listen to 500 presets in addition to rate "how it sounds", the harmonic progression, tempo, the number of measurement The presence of a fill etc ... after the 440 sounds, 100kits, 100 Fill in the effects ...)
Ergonomics is fine with me (more "musical instrument" as any PC!) Eg the mixer section Input Guitar / Drums / Bass / Master with "real" knobs!


440 sounds ... Quality! ever you will not use everything, but everyone is up 2 or 3 kits that fit their tastes. the return of sound is generally very "studio" listen only instruments may seem less "natural" that the best samples of ordinary, but in the mix: it sounds without any correction!
And what a groove!
For other sounds: the bass is nice, but if you can, take your bass line and play yourself! it's great teaching, and there it sounds Huge! and more bass amp models are very good.
For cons, the only downside modeling guitars are bad compared to my POD XT.ceci said, the DR is a drum machine to start ...


I use a digital recorder for comping style blues / rock / funk.Par compared to the PC used before, integration is perfect sync, sound, ease, musicality ... in addition to my bass sounds better through DR: nice bonus!
In my case, it is the best choice.