Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca Beats

Volca Beats, Drum Machine from Korg in the Volca series.

vivija 02/10/2014

Korg Volca Beats : vivija's user review


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midi in
trig out in
10 sounds
Editable as it should
standard sequencer
its small size does not make it a toy!


BAR intuitive as usual Korg manual very clear even a little terse.
Editing sounds is easy and can save mega effect on all or just a sound.


sounds are terrible (as well eh!) tweekable and pitchable for PCM
a bit like having a mini 808 with an adjustable kick (sisi)
What can we do as music? ben is not rock on ...
for the rest it is very versatile


I use it all the time either to complete another BAR BAR as a principal.
I have quite a Drum Machine and that is really effective, small and big sound.
Sometimes she can do things for which it is not made and this is where we realize the power of a well-used effect.
unbeatable price quality in my opinion I also had 522 mfb but it is much less I think.
The choice again? it is clear I am reluctant to buy another story to rape a little inside:-D