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Soniccouture Konkrete 3 drum synth soundbank

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Soniccouture Konkrete 3
News Soniccouture Konkrete 3

Drum/Percussion Sample from Soniccouture

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Soniccouture launched the third version of its Konkrete percussive synth soundbank for Kontakt.

Konkrete 3 includes 90 percussive kits with 61 sounds each, 49 of theses kits are updated versions chosen from the Konkrete 1 and 2 soundbanks. Each kit also includes its own Beat Shifter and effects.

In total, you’ll find around 5000 sounds (24-bit / 44.1kHz) for which Soniccouture used a large variety of instruments and techniques, including synth sounds (Buchla 200e, Liepzig), all kinds of equipment (a washing machine, a printer, vacuum cleaner tubes…) and instruments/music gear (a broken soviet drum machine, an acoustic guitar, a Rhodes Stage 73…) and more.

You will be able to control in Kontakt the filters, 3 AHDSR envelopes, real time Glitch module, compressor, equalizer, effects, modulation, etc. The Beat Shifter, which is a 6-track step sequencer with individual track programming, is available in a separate windows. A 4-bus mixer is also included, with 4 inserts per channel (bus compressor, transient master, tape saturation, distortion, low-pass filter with 24dB/octave slope, equalizer, limiter and cabinet). It’s possible to route any channel to any virtual output in Kontakt.

Soniccouture added to Konkrete 3 two Space convolution processors, each one with its own custom impulse response. Space 1 is dedicated to short effects, and Space 2 to longer reverb impulses. There are also 2 delay units.

Konkrete 3 is compatible with both the full Kontakt and the Free Kontakt players, as well as Maschine (specific presets for the sequencer are included). It is sold 99€. You can listen to audio demos on www.soniccouture.com.

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