TbT Audio E-Kit Trigger [Freeware]
TbT Audio E-Kit Trigger [Freeware]

E-Kit Trigger [Freeware], Drum replacer from TbT Audio.

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stefdu24 11/03/2011

TbT Audio E-Kit Trigger [Freeware] : stefdu24's user review

«  excellent although not obvious »

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immediate installation as just copy the. dll in the plugin directory of his favorite software (directory itself placed in Program File on a PC).


an old Athlon 2 GB with Firewire as Phonic sound card.
apparently it uses very little CPU resource.


I was looking for a converter audio / midi to change the sound of a bass drum. I found this little Freeware by chance, I installed it in my Cubase SX2 and DirectX effects added track on my bass drum. I also add my input track LM7 drum virtual instrument built into Cubase.
The sound of my track becomes very small and very sharp. After some trial and error and trituration of the buttons and switch, I can send a MIDI signal on my virtual instrument track is won! I record the signal for MIDI and then I can transfer my audio track and replace it with the virtual instrument.
I put 10 not because of the lack of built-in help, but it deserves anyway!