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Mapex Drums & Percussion user reviews

  • Mapex Toms V séries

    Mapex Toms V séries - "Mapex V Series"


    I was looking to learn the drums but wanted a reasonable kit. Im a late starter. After looking around and taking loads of advice I went to Newcastle drum centre. They confirmed my advice Id been given. So I bought The Mapex V Series kit for £459 incl…


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "Mapex Venus Series"


    I bought this kit from ADC Drums. It was an ex demo kit so i got it for half price even though it only had a few stick marks on the skins. All together this kit cost me £600 with a set of Sabian Pro Sonix Cymbals. I love the Bass Drum on this kit an…

  • Mapex Saturn Pro

    Mapex Saturn Pro - "Mapex Saturn Pro"


    Purchased from for $1550 This kit has a lot of nice touches. Very thin maple/walnut shells. No extraneous holes in any of the shells -- the tom holder mounts on top of the bass drum, tom mounts are attached underneath two lugs …

  • Mapex Falcon Double Pedal

    Mapex Falcon Double Pedal - "Mapex Double Pedal"


    Erm, I can't remember the exact name of this pedal, it's just the standard Mapex double pedal. I managed to get it for £75 (half price!) from Well, it's amazing for the price. It's sturdy, easy to adjust, reliable, with decent be…


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "Mapex Venus Series"


    I got this kit from my local drum retailer. I payed about £600 for 3 toms, snare, bass drum cymbals and hardware. The tome sizes are 10" 12" 14" bass drum is 22" and the snare is 14". Well this was the first kit i have bought and its still playing g…

  • Mapex Pro M séries

    Mapex Pro M séries - "Mapex Mapex ProM series"


    I purchased my kit from Drum Center, Indianapolis. I payed a little under $1000 for a 6 piece kit(w out hardware). 22" bass drum 14" snare 10, 12, 14, 16 toms. The first thing that caught my eyes was the color. I purchased the ice blue f…

  • Mapex M Series

    Mapex M Series - "Mapex M-Series"


    I bought this kit from the Newcastle Drum Centre in England. After looking for months at mid range kits I found this great kit, it was a bargain at £520. I had looked at other kits like the Pearl Export but it doesn't look as good as the mapex kit an…

  • Mapex M Series

    Mapex M Series - "Mapex M-Series"


    I obtained this kit from a good source, at an outstanding price. This kit is definitely the best in its class. Well, it is obvious that Mapex did their R & D; extensively. To sum it up, they pretty much did everything in their manufacturing and qu…

  • Mapex M Series

    Mapex M Series - "Mapex M-Series"


    I aquired this kit after researching Pearl, Sonor, Gretsch, Tama, Ludwig, Yamaha, and Mapex. I tried the Pearl Export, but it looked and cheap. I also come very close to getting the Tama Rockstar Custom but the price was slightly too high. I got the …

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