Pearl Export Select ELX
Pearl Export Select ELX

Export Select ELX, Drum Set from Pearl in the Export series.

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MGR/neck 06/04/2002

Pearl Export Select ELX : MGR/neck's user review

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i got this drum set at sound vivrations in corpus christi texas. when i went to look for drum sets i went to this place called guitar center yeah the people there are ass holes they dont care about you and what you want they just want you to buy drums and they didnt help me at all. i mean i walk in the store with 1500 or more dollars in cash and they dont care. i payed 999 dollars and 99 cents before taxes for this drum set its a 6 piece with 2 floor toms one a 16" one a 18" and a 12" and 13" tom and a 14" snare and a 22" bass drum

the thing i liked the most about the drum set was the color and the iss mounts they are very good and make the drums sound really good and it was very easy to assemble not like my first drum set a percussion plus that i had to assemble totally. the hardware was good and i had no trouble putting it together.

the drum heads on this set were really bad i havent really got a chcnce to play the set after setting it up because the new heads that i had to order are on their way. yeah its not that im a dumb ass and dont know how to tune drums or something but im in a punk/ska/metal band and that high sound and the ringing isnt good. i have ordered the best heads ever remo coated pinstripe for the tops and just remo coated for the bottoms

the drums are very good quality and they are very beutiful that is waht attracted me to the drums first then the price and my friend has a export and they sound good so i was all export select is better so sure ill get them.

the drums are worth the money and if i had to go bck and look again i probably would have bought these drums again as long as there were no bad ass premiere sets there.

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