Pearl Export Select ELX
Pearl Export Select ELX

Export Select ELX, Drum Set from Pearl in the Export series.

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MGR/I LOVE MY SET!!! 11/26/2003

Pearl Export Select ELX : MGR/I LOVE MY SET!!!'s user review

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I found out about this set by this web site. I was looking for a new set,and i came upon this site and the reviews on the set were awseme. I paid only 650 for the drum set.

i love the sound of my set. It sounds so nice and crisp. I also love how proffesional it looks.All of my friends and band members love it as well. My guitarist for my band has a gibson sg, my bassist has a nice peavey, and now i got an awseme drumset thanks to this set.

There is only one thing that i do not like, and it is the snare. I dont like how it echos, but i am sure that can be fixed.I just dont know how yet.

The quality of my set is amazing. I love the thick heavy hard ware.I feel it will never break. I helps me play with comfort. I also love how it is constructed, it is set up in a nice comfortable way.I love how you can add alot to this set such as toms and other accs.

WOW! WOW! WOW! I love this set. It is amazing. I really reccomend this set for any type of drummer. It is very proffesional and you can get it for a very good price.

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