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Audiofanzine FR 12/14/2008

Sonor Force 3005 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by windgong/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Sonor Force 3005 - Black Sparkle Fusion (beautiful finish) - 22-10-12-14-16

I've been playing drums since the 70's. I've played virtually every music style and I've owned many drum kits. I started to play again after a break. I needed a new drum kit and I didn't want to spend too much money. I looked for a mid-range instrument. I found a Sonor Force 3005 on sale.

I've been playing this Sonor for nearly 3 years. The sound is powerful and rather warm. Sensitivity and responsiveness are very good (you can play soft and loud with the same results). The instrument produces nice overtones and it is easy to tune. You can feel the 9-ply maple shells (3x3). All musicians I've played with found its sound very powerful, nice and precise.

The hardware is not so bulky as on bigger models and it is very good. The drum kit has no real flaws and it can easily compete with much more expensive drum kits. Weak point: the snare provided isn't bad but I find it a bit too "light" with an average responsiveness. You will need to, at least, replace the top heads of the toms (even with Remo Ambassador Clear) and buy another snare. Once you do that the drum kit sounds like a top-range instrument.

I needed a sensitive sound with a good response allowing me to play soft or loud. I first wanted a sound with resonance and overtones (very well controlled on the kit) and without damper. I used Remo Suede Ambassador heads on the top and Remo Diplomat Clear on the bottom. The overall sound is open, slightly dull and very well balanced. The sound of the 3005 toms are not as full and round as a Delite or a S Class Pro. They are perhaps slightly less powerful but still far above the average in this price range and quite close to the Delite. With these heads tuned real tight, the toms had a hollow sound (not as full as a Delite), but 6 ft. away and further the drum kit produces a resonant and singing tone very common in high-class drums (typical Sonor). Recorded with overheads this drum kit sounds great with a nice resonance and a well-controlled response. On the kick I put a coated Powerstroke Ambassador that gives it a duller response compared to the original head. The bass drum sounds very powerful, deep and accurate. It's difficult to get a better sound!

This drum kit has an exceptional value for money, much higher than the average, and it can easily compete with top-range kits of most brands.