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sanjuro 10/11/2009

Sonor Force 3005 : sanjuro's user review


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The Sonor force 3005 is a really great intermediate/higher end kit.  It is comparable to other affordable maple kits, such as the Yamaha Tour Custom or the Taye Studio maple.  All of these kits are great, and the Sonor Force 3005's certainly make a good case for the best value at this level.  I always wanted to play these drums when I heard about them, and when I got my first chance they met my excessively high expectations.

With its thick 9 ply maple shells, it produces a loud sound.  The toms sound huge and have great dark warmness to them.  The bass drum is perfect, one of the best I have heard at this price range.  It has a great boom that really shows the thickness of the maple in the shell.  The snare is excellent as well, really warm sound.  It has a certain natural ring to it that is very desirable, and it sings in a musical way.  The hardware of all the drums is sturdy and extremely easy to set up.  The lugs are also numerous, allowing for more precise tuning.  The hardware that came with the kit I played felt really good, as the bass drum pedal was quick and the hi hat foot very responsive.

The kit that I play has a natural finish, which is my favorite in this line.  All the shells look great, but especially the natural finish.  Under stage lights, it reflects and absorbs the colors in brilliant ways.  This is definitely one of my favorite looking kits I have seen.  Like the other comparable maple kits in this price range, it is an excellent value.  This semipro level is perfect for musicians who want a bit more than intermediate but can't quite dish out the coupke grand for a custom professional kit.  The Sonor Force 3005 is an excellent value, and produces excellent sounds.