Tama Starclassic Performer
Tama Starclassic Performer

Starclassic Performer, Drum Set from Tama in the Starclassic Performer series.

manpile 12/29/2004

Tama Starclassic Performer : manpile's user review


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I have since 1998
skin changed rapidly at first because I wanted to sound dull, since I came back ... I put remo sanded as I played 15 years ago! ... I wanted a more open sound more natural and I was not disappointed: it sounds better I think!
I love all of this except the snare drum that I find difficult to adjust, but now I finally found my bearings recently. I'm always looking for new settings and I have in my life drummer tried everything or nearly so, this drumkit sounds in all settings with good skin.
At the time I consulted Pearl, Yamaha, first ... and the price and look very promptly decided (I was playing Pearl since the age of 10 years ...). I ordered the tom 10 "classic kit.
at the beginning I also had a very thick cover in the GC but recently I ordered a special cushion Thomann GC and the sound is full of bass and harmonics at once: the treat.
I was always told that my drumkit is ringing top ...
I also like that it's the bass that Tom does not flinch and does not produce unwanted vibrations in recording!
the hardware is of high quality (plus 20 years ago that was lea brand reputation but hey ...).
no regrets is a tool that I would keep logntemps yet (I still have a pearl export 10 years).
if you want to hear face, write me e-pillet@tele2.fr