Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

Maple Custom Absolute, Drum Set from Yamaha in the Absolute series.

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captainkuru 01/08/2005

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute : captainkuru's user review


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L is the great luxury. Coming straight from Japan, the color chosen with passion, DGRAD Blue After a few months of waiting, are finally my absolute Maple nothing to me! 8, 10, 12, 14 suspended, 16 suspended, and bass drum 20 x 16. I do not speak of the snare is a custom Birch, although it also MRIT paragraph.

The varnish is of exellent quality Lumire the hang naturally and DGRAD blue is superb (see www.yamahadrums.com, absolute page series, cf beech custom absolute).
There are no fewer than 49 colors

Time to assemble the kit and it's ecstasy. A sound full of Armon, with a serious and powerful extension of its support. The tom is 8 sec, that of 16 is deaf and a little runny.

I use RMO emperor transparent skin taut, combining power, Resistors (I hit hard with my Vic Firth 3A ... well it seems), and acute prservs (the sound is less potent but richer than with pinstripe).
The break is trs ... incubussien so to speak, a perfect DEFINITIONS sound that makes you want to play for hours. A kind of balance between the frquences without unnecessary power, and with a false rverb naturally dlivre by the folds for saddles.

This is what caractrise this drumkit, the perfect sound without too much power for an optimum DEFINITIONS.

The bass drum (original skins powerstroke dual layer) makes it sound very clear, with a note enjoyable, power is the appointment, I let you imagine what gives a 22 x 18!

The bass drum pedals with direct drive transmission (a pice of mtal factory) is a monster. She hits the patch to protect the skin without mnagement but nanmoins, it is easily CONTRL for softer passages and prcis.

I do not need to lodge the hardware Yam, trslger, easy rgler (suspenssion tom ball for example).

This drumkit is the embodiment of his which I rvais and what beauty!

If c'tait again, I would take the same without hsitation! Ms. 2390 the config ... 3200 for the enemies. (Without snare or bass drum pedals).