Yamaha Recording Custom
Yamaha Recording Custom

Recording Custom, Drum Set from Yamaha in the Recording Custom series.

Pete_shifter 04/05/2004

Yamaha Recording Custom : Pete_shifter's user review


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This is certainly the most widely used drumkit in the studio. The sound is very controlled. It's clean. To each to see if this feature suits because of the coup, it lacks a little personality.
The volume is very clear he also controlled. This explains its popularity in the studio. Attention to those who have a very powerful snare drum configuration for caf-conc ', the balance of the instrument might seem pretty lame.
The highlight is the ease of adjustment. No need to spend hours to control troublesome harmonics.
When the style of music you can play with, rock, funk, variety, etc.. Maybe not enough to warm overtones of jazz and not enough projection of rock "bad". Anyway, you can always cheat a little by choosing out his skin.
Personally, for the rock at that price (about 2000 euros), I would go see Pearl in which the big banks in hell or Tama drums which have a projection at the top.